Mindfulness for Leaders with Biodun Ogunyemi

Everything you need to know about mindfulness for leaders

Mindfulness for leaders. The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of leadership is inspiring others. But as you will find out, there is much more to leadership than just inspiring others. There is also the aspect of enhancing personal and peak performance and to some extent, imparting knowledge and wisdom to others. All these fall under what leaders like to refer to as a powerful leadership.

But where do all these start? It starts inside each leader. In other words; being genuine. It therefore does not come as a surprise that recently, the practice of mindfulness has been given more attention.

What is mindfulness?

mindfulness for leadersIn the simplest of terms, it is the state of being actively aware and focused on the present. It goes hand in hand with meditation, so it does not come as a surprise that mindfulness is sometimes considered as a form or meditation. It involves observing one’s feelings and thoughts – recognising that they exist, and not in any way judging the feelings and thoughts as bad or good.

How the concept behind mindfulness works

The concept is deeply rooted in identifying and recognising one’s thoughts. Studies indicate that the training for mindfulness and specifically paying attention to the present, helps leaders to understand themselves better and improve focus. It also develops openness and curiosity. In a nutshell, being mindful leads to a deeper insight and knowledge of your very own innermost feelings, thoughts and emotions. It ultimately provides better self understanding and tendencies of optimism.

By understanding themselves though mindfulness, leaders eventually develop a deeper appreciation of other people around them and their skills. It, therefore becomes easy for them to support and motivate their team members. That is where the connection between enhanced leadership mindfulness takes shape and crops up.

Broadening the corporate mindset -mindfulness for leaders

This is where mindfulness for leaders is most effective. Why so? It goes a long way to measure everything that relates to the bottom line which involves the

mindfulness for leadersaforementioned feelings. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, some things that have a direct impact on the bottom line cannot be quantified or measured. Just how does one measure happiness, inspiration or willingness?

The corporate mindset goes a long way to fill roles by hiring knowledge levels, skill, academic achievements and experience. Mindfulness steps into the picture to allow a glimpse on one’s potential, ambition and attitude. In other words, mindfulness exercises help leaders to develop less measurable qualities that can help them to understand people at a deeper level.

Dealing with change

Times of uncertainty and disruptive events in workplaces often leave negative marks on businesses. Any leader or employer with a deeper understanding on mindfulness exercises can easily handle such setbacks. The leader will be better equipped to come up with ideas that will change how work is conducted in an organisation – something that will ultimately increase productivity. The leader will also be in a better position to reconcile rival groups and ensure that everything in the organisation runs smoothly.

Regulating leadership behaviour

Any leader who practises mindfulness exercises is more likely to be able to regulate his emotions and handle stress or pressure. Better yet, the leader is more likely to understand when he or she is most vulnerable to making uninformed or poor decisions. For instance, it is common knowledge that identifying one’s personal stress triggers and inducers can help an individual to avoid making bad decisions. If the stressed individual is akin to mindfulness for leaders exercises, he or she will develop some form of wisdom that will allow him or her to regulate his or her own behaviour and eventually achieve discipline.

Mindfulness flaws

mindfulness for leaders

Nothing is perfect, but mindfulness is close enough. Once honed, it benefits a leader and the people around him or her. The only visible flaws may only be when a leader for some reason thinks he or she knows better than the rest. But then again, that cannot happen, given that mindfulness straightens up individuals. When all has been said and done, it is safe to say that by considering mindfulness, one has nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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  • Mark Tyler

    Reply Reply July 8, 2014

    Very interesting article. I can see the benefits of mindfulness in the work place. As a business owner I can’t afford to ignore the effect of stress on employees. I have to lead by example. Would be interested in some practical every day tips.

  • Stacy

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    This looks excatly what ive been searching for, i hope this will help me relax after long workdays.

  • John

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    Meditating is somenthing new for me, but i really hope it will help me. Im definetly getting that course!

  • John

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    Wow, this is really interesting, as a young business owner, i really want to learn how to be a great leader. I will definetly sign up.

  • Bill

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    Has anyone tried it out? i’d want to know if it actually helps someone then i might give it a try!

  • Brad

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    This really looks promising, i hope i can learn somenthing new by trying this!

  • Kelly

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    I have been trying to find a way to reveal my stress after work, and this looks perfect for me!

  • Kelly

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    I am a teacher and inspiring others is the main thing i have to do. So i hope this will help me advance in my work and be inspiring for the children!

  • James

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    I have never felt more better! This really helped me out, i used to feel so empty inside but everything is different now!

  • Bob

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    I always thought i am better than the others, and i everything i have is better than everyone else’s. But not anymore, this has really opened my eyes.

  • Alice

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    omg cant wait to try these methods, trying em out as soon as possible!

  • Alice

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    My sister told me about this! She said she was always depresed but this totally helped her.
    I am going to try this too and i hope it works!

  • Jenny

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    Im really curious if someone actually tried this, if not then im not going to waste my time on it. But to be honest it really looks promising.

  • Michelle

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    Ive been meditating for over three months now, but this looks somenthing entirelly different, im definetly going to try it!

  • michelangelo

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    This article is very interesting! As a baker store owner i always have to inspire my workers, and i hope this helps me improve my inspiration!

  • Annabel

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    It says that the concept is deeply rooted in identifying and recognising one’s thoughts. I should advise this to my husband, he doesent understand me at all!

  • Jamie

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    My sister always thought that she is the favorite child in our family and thats why her ego was over the moon. My mom sent her to this course and she’s a whole different person after she came back.

  • Matt

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    With my big responsibility comes many changes all the time, i hope that dealing with changes becomes easier after doing some mind excercises

  • Felix

    Reply Reply July 15, 2014

    I actually tried this out and it works amazingly. Thank god i found this article

  • William

    Reply Reply September 29, 2014

    Interesting read. I always hear about mindfulness and the importance of being mindful, I’ve never actually understood what that meant exactly.

    • Biodun

      Reply Reply October 1, 2014

      Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, not thinking of the future or the past just focusing on whats going on right now. V

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