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hypnotherapy Biodun Ogunyemi the founder of Optimind method based in Glasgow. Furthermore, one of the leading hypnotherapy practices within the UK. He has practiced in Harley Street and is  an expert in hypnosis. Biodun is trained to the highest level in Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP.  Futhermore  he is the author of over 180 hypnosis products. Biodun developed the Optimind Method, a unique approach to therapy. As a result, combining the best of Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, Psychology, Neuro Science, NLP and Mindfulness to achieve outstanding results.

Using the Optimind Method,

Biodun has successfully helped thousands of clients. Either face to face or online via skype. As a result, Optimind is now widely recognised as one of the UK’s most innovative hypnosis and hypnotherapy practices. Meanwhile, due to his high success rate Biodun regularly receives private referrals from Doctors and other hypnotherapists.

He is focused on the personal needs of each of his clients and tailors the process to each individual client. Furthermore, his approach is to ensure that he delivers quick, measurable and lasting change. His high success rate and reputation as a leader in the field attracts clients to his Glasgow practice from not only the UK but from all around the world.

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  • Just like to say thanks to Biodun, for helping me totally quit gambling. I was a compulsive gambler and realised I had do stop, contacted... read more


    I was a constant overthinker. I would think and analyse, then reanalyse. The OCD was just overbearing and so tiring. I had tried so many... read more

    Jeffrey Mason Avatar
    Jeffrey Mason

    Went to Biodun for help with depression. Biodun took the time to explain the process fully and was very professional in his approach. He... read more

    Perry James Avatar
    Perry James
  • Biodun is amazing and so professional. I sometimes felt he knew me better that I knew myself. I have overcome so much thanks to him... read more

    Cheryl Wood Avatar
    Cheryl Wood

    I was the biggest skeptic you could possibly get but i went to try Biodun with an open mind and im so glad i did.... read more

    Matt Scullion Avatar
    Matt Scullion

    Despite the fact we had our sessions over 1 year ago I am glad to say that since then I have flown to Dubai and... read more

    Clay Rogers Avatar
    Clay Rogers
  • Just to let you know the interview went really amazingly well this morning. The director commented that my presentation was fantastic and that I must... read more

    Benjamin Bish Avatar
    Benjamin Bish

    I always had confidence issues when dealing with people at work or people of high authority. I noticed after our sessions that I started interacting... read more

    Errol Deford Avatar
    Errol Deford

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me overcome my fear of driving! After passing my test I was filled with this... read more

    Robert Whitmer Avatar
    Robert Whitmer
  • A massive thank you to you for helping me deal with the issues. I can now look forward to an exciting future ahead of me.... read more

    Yaskiewicz Karolyn Avatar
    Yaskiewicz Karolyn

    I feel I have made substantial improvements. I am sleeping better and feeling under less stress. I feel more confident moving forward and have the... read more

    Melly Gomez Avatar
    Melly Gomez

    I went to see Biodun to see if he could help me with my addiction to tonic wine. I was very sceptical at first as... read more

  • I was at a very low point in my life and had suffered anxiety and panic for years so decided to try Hypnotherapy. I found... read more


    I really don’t know where to start but a big thanks to Biodun he has helped me a lot & gave me tools & exercises... read more


    I feel more balanced and focused. The sessions have changed my mindset and helped me understand my bipolar and get over my depression. So many... read more

    Joseph Martin Avatar
    Joseph Martin
  • I have had a phobia of birds from an early age. I was always scared stiff to walk anywhere I thought there would be birds... read more

    Abbie Shaw Avatar
    Abbie Shaw

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Biodun for his patience and understanding during the many sessions I shared with him. My reason... read more


    I was recommended by a friend and now I know why. Not only do I feel more confident after just my first few sessions, but... read more

    Taurean Botsford Avatar
    Taurean Botsford
  • I went to Biodun for my anxiety and blushing. I used to get anxious talking to people and it was worse with new people. I... read more

    Stefan Sims Avatar
    Stefan Sims

    I have always been a worrier ever since I was young, recently my anxiety started getting out of control with the break- up of a... read more

    Nathanael Weber Avatar
    Nathanael Weber

    I highly recommend Optimind to anyone who is suffering from Paruresis. The sessions have changed my life after around 20 years of stress. Overcoming bashful... read more

    Lewis Walters Avatar
    Lewis Walters
  • I have had some health issues over the last 5 years and seen so many different specialists but I was not getting anywhere. Issues with... read more

    Rosa Welch Avatar
    Rosa Welch

    Extremely pleasant and positive experience attending sessions at Optimind. I always struggled with my weight and was desperate to finally lose the pounds. Every diet... read more

    David Jackson Avatar
    David Jackson

    Bioden cured me. What more can i say. It was a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend him enough. My son is... read more

    Lisa Silver Avatar
    Lisa Silver
  • Thank you Biodun for helping me through my anxiety issues. Although I have been anxious most of my life, I was really worried about my... read more

    Bria Hettinger Avatar
    Bria Hettinger

    My sessions with Biodun have been fantastic. Biodun made me feel very comfortable, welcome and open to discussing my issue in the strictest of confidence.... read more


    Biodun made me feel comfortable from my initial telephone call and all the way through my sessions. I had various issues and I am glad... read more

    Estevan Weber Avatar
    Estevan Weber
  • I went to see Biodun for a bad fear of Spiders. I admit I was very sceptical of hypnosis as I didn't fully believe in... read more

    David Grice

    The last few years have been pretty tough for me. I lost some family members and my best friend and was suffering from a lot... read more

    Edgar Christiansen Avatar
    Edgar Christiansen

    I approached Biodun to help with my alcohol problem not knowing at all what to expect but I thought lets “give it a go”. Biodun... read more

    Zachary Porter Avatar
    Zachary Porter
  • These sessions have been life-changing. The information helped me understand bipolar and my depression. I also found out I was on the wrong medication and... read more

    Brian Plummer Avatar
    Brian Plummer

    I have now lost a total of 6 stone since I started my sessions with Biodun several months ago. The sessions have been amazing and... read more

    Rodney Ching Avatar
    Rodney Ching

    I used to suffer from panic attacks, and it could happen at any time usually in public places. They started getting worse recently especially... read more

    Wilton Schamberger Avatar
    Wilton Schamberger
  • I was dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember and it was getting worse and was even starting to culminate in panic... read more

    dempy1 Avatar

    I went to see Biodun regarding anxiety. I have been anxious for years and it resulted in the breakdown of my personal relationship with my... read more

    Gianna Valentina Avatar
    Gianna Valentina

    After suffering from extreme panic attacks and low self -esteem I thought I would try a different approach. Biodun made me feel comfortable and put... read more

    Sandy Doyle Avatar
    Sandy Doyle
  • You have saved me a fortune. Smoke-free for a few months now. Feeling healthier and more energetic already. I never believed I could stop smoking... read more

    Hollie peters Avatar
    Hollie peters

    I had been suffering from low self-esteem and lack of confidence for years and I was struggling to move on from past events and issues.... read more

    Paul ward Avatar
    Paul ward

    Thank you Biodun I have had an amazing experience. I struggle with anxiety and always worry about things. After a few sessions, I feel more... read more

    Ila Reilly Avatar
    Ila Reilly
  • Biodun helped me conquer 2 major fears in my life. Fear of flying which was debilitating for me and my fear of public speaking. Since... read more

    Harrison Wall Avatar
    Harrison Wall

    After suffering a mental break down I ended up with severe anxiety and depression. I booked a course of sessions with Biodun and I’m feeling... read more

    Rosalyn Osinski Avatar
    Rosalyn Osinski

    If you struggle with something and you tried, and you couldn't do it on your own just ask for help. Biodun helped me and... read more

    Ty Cristina Nicoleta Avatar
    Ty Cristina Nicoleta
  • My coke addiction coupled with alcohol had virtually ruined my life. I had blown all my savings and was at my lowest point. On a... read more

    Eileen Whiten Avatar
    Eileen Whiten

    Working with Biodun at Optimind was something that helped me greatly when I was going through a difficult chapter in my life. The support he... read more

    Jack Foster

    For 3 years I have been depressed and not sleeping. Waking up at night in cold sweats and having nightmares. It all started after I... read more

    Doyle Perry Avatar
    Doyle Perry
  • Very happy and would wholeheartedly recommend optimind. I have suffered from anxiety and vertigo for the past 2 years and had some medical checks done... read more

    Andrew Lawrence Avatar
    Andrew Lawrence

    I had some sessions in April of this year as my anxiety was out of control. It was always there but with Covid -19 it... read more

    Ann Stacey Avatar
    Ann Stacey

    What a life changing experience. From when I started my sessions with Biodun to now, my life is completely different in a wonderful way. I... read more

    Charly Garcia Avatar
    Charly Garcia
  • Biodun helped me with my alcohol addiction. I started drinking from the age of fourteen and had been drinking for 36 years. Never looked back... read more

    Jones Teich Avatar
    Jones Teich

    Originally went to Optimind in 2013 to stop smoking. I had been a smoking 20 a day for about 15 years. I had tried to... read more

    Carol Mahaney Avatar
    Carol Mahaney

    I sincerely cannot thank Biodun enough for the tools he has equipped me with for LIFE throughout sharing my journey with him. I met Biodun... read more

    Lorraine Johnson
  • I would like to share my experience using this service. I had a cocaine addiction and it was destroying my life. I was spending so... read more

    Elena Norton Avatar
    Elena Norton

    Biodun provided a great service with a very professional approach using a mix of mindfulness and hypnosis techniques. Not only did these techniques help my... read more

    Brandon Crainey Avatar
    Brandon Crainey

    Biodun has helped me incrediably in the past few months. I was in a position of needing help. And after finding Biodun i have no... read more

    Daniel Moore
  • Biodun helped me massively with my anxiety and helped me regain my confidence, making me a better person


    I would recommend optimind method I was not in a good place for over a year went to see Biodun Ogunyemi hypnotherapy after just a... read more

    Marilyn French

    I am very pleased with the results I have experienced after having visited Biodun. I suffered from arachnophobia for 30 years and after a failed... read more

    Tony Grice
  • Incredible results!! I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, trying just about every "diet" out there to no avail. Junk... read more

    Bumblebee EV Avatar
    Bumblebee EV

    Over the last several months I have been piling on weight. With gyms closed and bored, I think I just turned to eating. I started... read more

    Clark Meidinger Avatar
    Clark Meidinger

    I had some sessions with Biodun for an issue I have had around confidence and anxiety for several years. I was recommended by a friend... read more

    David Johnson Avatar
    David Johnson
  • One session and finally stopped smoking after 40 years. Not sure how it worked but it did and I have no desire to ever smoke... read more

    Denise Thiel Avatar
    Denise Thiel

    I can’t express how thankful I am to Optimind. Biodun has helped to overcome my anxiety and panic attacks that were paralysing and controlling my... read more

    Ronald Miller Avatar
    Ronald Miller

    I recently was diagnosed with COPD and had to stop smoking. Even though I knew it was imperative to my health I was still struggling.... read more

    Nathan Nichols Avatar
    Nathan Nichols
  • Thank you very much for the help you have given me over the last 2 months. When I started the sessions I was very unsure... read more

    Anastacio Brakus Avatar
    Anastacio Brakus

    I started seeing Biodun as I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a very long time and always used medication for it. Having now... read more

    Dale Donovan Avatar
    Dale Donovan

    From suffering with anxieties whilst driving on motorways for a long time I was at the point where I wouldn’t drive on them at all.... read more

    Morag MacIntyre Avatar
    Morag MacIntyre
  • I contacted Biodun to help with my alcohol addiction and I am so glad I did. The sessions went incredibly well, and I felt at... read more

    Harold Rose Avatar
    Harold Rose

    For the last 5 or 6 years, I have had a stammer which gradually started to get worse. I had tried speech therapy and did... read more

    William Marsh Avatar
    William Marsh

    I have had major anxiety and IBS for several years and it was affecting all aspects of my life. Since completing the sessions, I feel... read more

    Robert Parker Avatar
    Robert Parker
  • Suffered from crippling anxiety and depression most of my life. Had very low self- esteem and lacked motivation. Biodun over the course of 6 sessions... read more

    Charles Torres Avatar
    Charles Torres

    After being skeptical at first but willing to try anything to help tackle my addiction I was more than happy to be proved wrong. Biodun... read more


    I seem to worry a lot but more recently this got a lot worse with Covid 19. My anxiety levels had gone through the roof... read more

    Zahidul Islam Avatar
    Zahidul Islam
  • I have had an issue around driving for around 5 years and it was progressively getting worse recently. Although I am able to drive, I... read more

    Clotilde Marcucci Avatar
    Clotilde Marcucci

    I got in touch with Biodun to deal with a constant pain around my jaw and neck. It was very uncomfortable, constant tension and I... read more

    victoria martens Avatar
    victoria martens

    Been smoking cannabis for over 20 years and tried to stop for years and just did not have the will power. The longest I lasted... read more

    James Oscar Avatar
    James Oscar
  • I had some personal issues and addictions. One of them being cocaine amongst others I would rather not mention. It was affecting my family and... read more

    Johnnie Marks Avatar
    Johnnie Marks

    I have had a flying phobia for as long as I can remember, and it stopped me travelling and restricted me in so many ways.... read more

    Melvin Jones Avatar
    Melvin Jones

    Excellent!! Biodun is very professional and helpful. I left feeling so much better and much more relaxed. Probably the most relaxed I have felt in... read more

    Jasper Larson Avatar
    Jasper Larson
  • I gained a great deal from our sessions and Biodun has enabled me to let go of the debilitating fear that was holding me back... read more

    Amanda Moore Avatar
    Amanda Moore

    After my first session, I can remember thinking whether this will work for me and when I got home, I sat down on the sofa... read more

    John Carter Avatar
    John Carter

    Thank you so much Biodun for your help with my OCD. I cannot believe I have lived with this issue for years and thought I... read more

    Walter Pasternak Avatar
    Walter Pasternak
  • I have thought a lot about the coaching and the impact it had on me and my business. It was simply brilliant and has had... read more

    Larry Overstreet Avatar
    Larry Overstreet

    Biodun understood my issues very quickly and the solution-based techniques have helped to address my depression and increase my self-esteem. I would have no hesitation... read more

    Juan Forrest Avatar
    Juan Forrest

    I have gained invaluable benefits personally and for my business during my business coaching sessions with Biodun. The techniques Biodun shared have helped me make... read more

    Stanley Williams Avatar
    Stanley Williams
  • I had been using cocaine for over 5 years and it got to the stage I hated my life and the control it had over... read more

    Michael Hargraves Avatar
    Michael Hargraves

    I have to be honest I was extremely sceptical about hiring a coach at first. It was a considerable investment for me at the time.... read more

    David Melcher Avatar
    David Melcher

    I wanted to wait a few months to write a testimonial but to be honest I am so delighted with the results that I know... read more

    Verna Evans Avatar
    Verna Evans
  • Life changing!! I had no idea who I was anymore. I had low self-esteem, no belief in myself and no motivation to do anything. Life... read more

    Joe Parry Avatar
    Joe Parry

    I contacted Optimind to deal with my cocaine addiction. What started as a weekend event turned into a nightmare that was taking over my life.... read more

    Greta Linus Avatar
    Greta Linus

    Biodun helped my daughter with her dog phobia. He was brilliant so friendly and welcoming She has not only got over her fear of dogs... read more

    Carmela Cable Avatar
    Carmela Cable
  • Working with Biodun has been a great experience and invaluable to myself and my business. It enabled me to come to the realisation that the... read more

    Harvey Thompson Avatar
    Harvey Thompson

    All I can say is this is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I have clarity for the first... read more

    Steve Johnson Avatar
    Steve Johnson

    This has been the best investment I have ever spent on myself. After spending most of my adult life believing I was worthless and useless.... read more

    Jonathan Lewis Avatar
    Jonathan Lewis
  • Having lived with autism for so many years, I have suffered so much stress and anxiety in my life. Family pressures and the thought of... read more

    Charlotte Yates Avatar
    Charlotte Yates

    My life was a complete shamble and I was doing cocaine 6 or 7 times a week. I was using cocaine to deal with some... read more

    Ramiro Davis Avatar
    Ramiro Davis

    I was living in constant fear and anxiety. Biodun has helped me to change my thinking towards negative emotions and negative thought patterns. Throughout the... read more

    Jennifer Holland Avatar
    Jennifer Holland
  • Excellent hypnotherapist. Very easy to talk to and supportive of any issues during and after visits. Would highly recommend don’t deny yourself getting the support... read more

    Charlene Pearson

    I have been seeing Biodun since the end of January for a few different issues. All of which have been resolved thankfully. I must say... read more

    Robert Bone

    I contacted Biodun after addressing the fact that I had a problem with gambling. After speaking with him I felt confident in him and decided... read more

  • For over a decade I have had a major problem cocaine. Tried on and off for years to give up and just could not do... read more

    Skye Chandler Avatar
    Skye Chandler

    I recently contacted Optimind regarding my addictions. For over 10 years I have had a major issue with gambling, and it was ruining my life.... read more

    William Pollard Avatar
    William Pollard

    For years I have suffered from depression and low self-worth after a relationship break up. I had a constant feeling of dread and that... read more

    Kian Henderson Avatar
    Kian Henderson
  • I was completely stressed out constantly with worry about everything going wrong. My anxiety levels were out of control, unable to sleep and barely able... read more

    Madeleine Gardner Avatar
    Madeleine Gardner

    Prior to trying hypnosis, I had many problems in my life. Insecurity, Anxiety, Panic to name a few. Biodun helped me to let go of... read more

    Alexander Dennis Avatar
    Alexander Dennis

    I was struggling at work with presentations. As part of my job, I have to present to board members and my team. Even though I... read more

    Jane Thomas Avatar
    Jane Thomas
  • I went to see Biodun for a needle phobia I had for over 25 years. I struggled with receiving any medical treatment so much so... read more

    Natascha Willi Avatar
    Natascha Willi

    For the last 15 years or so I have had a major problem with alcohol and cocaine. I tried many times to stop and just... read more

    Arthur Vogler Avatar
    Arthur Vogler

    I am studying at uni and find it very difficult to talk in front of groups. Something I think I have struggled with since early... read more

    Jessica Ryan Avatar
    Jessica Ryan
  • Biodun has helped me with my speech impediment which I have had since my teenage years. From the first appointment, Biodun was able to establish... read more

    Serah Rocher Avatar
    Serah Rocher

    I would highly recommend Biodun. For years I have been struggling with presentations and public speaking and lately, it started to get worse to the... read more

    Derrick Penrod Avatar
    Derrick Penrod

    Biodun helped me through a particularly difficult time in my career a few months ago. I was struggling with general anxiety and especially when it... read more

    Katie Green Avatar
    Katie Green
  • The first time I went to see Biodun I was a mess. I struggled with an anxiety disorder for 8 years (frequently manifesting in sweaty... read more

    Nicole Murdoch

    I worked with Biodun to give up alcohol use. The sessions have been a total success and feel much more positive about life. Biodun is... read more

    W Smith

    I have had anxiety/depression since I was a teenager. I have tried different approaches over the years and none of then worked. As a last... read more

    Caelon James Avatar
    Caelon James
  • Biodun has been an amazing help for me. I was highly sceptical initially, however from the 1st session I was sure that I had made... read more

    Delna Stake Avatar
    Delna Stake

    I went to Biodun as I was experiencing difficulties overcoming certain negative thought patterns. These were causing major issues in my life, working with Biodun... read more

    Colin Cassidy

    l went to see Biodun earlier on in the year in an effort to finally overcome my anxiety issues. Although I was aware of my... read more

    Euan Clarke
  • Having been a smoker for the last 10 years, I was extremely hesitant about this experience. However after the two sessions with Biodun, I am... read more


    I highly recommend Biodun and can not thank him enough! He has helped me overcome a fear which was controlling my life for over 3... read more

    D Hughes

    I went to see Biodun as I was drinking alcohol heavily for the past 2 years. During that time, I met my partner, who doesn’t... read more

    Sandra Kwiatkowska
  • I had no idea what to expect as I was struggling with anxiety and was finding it difficult to over come it but after my... read more

    Hannah Taylor Avatar
    Hannah Taylor

    Biodun has helped me overcome anxiety/panic attacks when driving on motorways. Something which had developed over a number of years and gotten progressively worse. To... read more

    Nicky Taylor Avatar
    Nicky Taylor

    I was sceptical when l went to see Biodun.Although l had researched and l had did my homework before doing so as l had been... read more

    Donna Manclark Avatar
    Donna Manclark
  • Excellent, highly recommend.Biodun helped my son who has Aspergers.Biodun is very friendly and understanding.My son was not attending school due to anxiety issues and could... read more

    Tracy Haughey Avatar
    Tracy Haughey

    Very powerful session! Biodun made me feel completely at ease. He is a true professional, and utilised a number of techniques to help me work... read more

    Emma Hargreaves Avatar
    Emma Hargreaves

    I contacted Optimind in October 2018 to help me overcome an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Although, not a binge drinker or someone you'd see falling... read more

    Paddy Byrne Avatar
    Paddy Byrne
  • Biodun makes you feel comfortable within minutes , easy to understand and very quickly has your mind working on a totally different and positive way... read more

    David Watt

    Biodun was very patient and understanding, helped me through my "not managing so well" past traumatic experiences nicely. He listened and I find he supported... read more

    Ariel AEA

    Would recommend Biodun wholeheartedly. I attended 4 x 2 hour sessions for weight management over a 4 week period. I feel that my mindset has... read more

    Deborah Portilla Avatar
    Deborah Portilla
  • Contacted Biodun after I started getting panic attacks+anxiety gradually becoming more often and found the pills from the doctor wasn’t helping in the long run!... read more

    John mcnicoll

    An amazing experience I’ve been using cocaine for over 15 years and I had a serious addictions problem for last 5+ years with daily usage,... read more

    James Queen Avatar
    James Queen

    I found the sessions really helpful. Biodun was helpful and understanding and opened my mind to hypnosis and affirmations. I always felt positive after our sessions.

    Brian James Ferrie
  • I have struggled really badly with exam nerves ever since starting university. This has gotten progressively worse in the last year and has been affecting... read more

    A Kelly

    Alongside sharing a plethora of beautiful takeaway exercises to grow stronger in mind every day, Biodun revealed to me a completely new way of interacting... read more

    Tamsin Collins

    Working with Biodun has been an interesting and beneficial experience. I first went to him at a time in my life when I felt quite... read more

    Emily Samuels
  • I was addicted to cocaine for 10 years and gambling for 2 years, my life was out of control. I did not know how i... read more


    I have had an addiction to cocaine for the last 9 years. At one point I was relying on it daily. I contacted Biodun regarding... read more

    Olivia Olivia Avatar
    Olivia Olivia

    For several years I have been suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I have tried so many different therapies to get rid of it... read more

    Susan Kate Avatar
    Susan Kate
  • I would highly recommend Biodun. He helped me overcome a life long phobia with just a few sessions.

    Fraser Paulin Avatar
    Fraser Paulin

    Recently I lost someone really close to me and was having a really hard time dealing with the loss. Sometimes I felt sad and angry... read more

    Jessica Sharon Avatar
    Jessica Sharon

    Wow , Amazing ... I was suffering from a lot of stress before my final exams. Glad to say I passed them all. If it... read more

    Rose Johnson Avatar
    Rose Johnson
  • I can't thank Biodun enough for what he has done for me. I was a heavy smoker for the best part of 30 years and... read more

    john doig Avatar
    john doig

    I would highly recommend Biodun. He helped me overcome a life long phobia with just a few sessions.

    Fraser Paulin Avatar
    Fraser Paulin

    Biodun has helped me enormously with my gambling addiction by using mindful techniques and other methods ensuring that I can continue an addiction free life.

    Ryan (Ryan) Avatar
    Ryan (Ryan)
  • Due to some recent challenges in my life I began to experience panic attacks and anxiety. Heart pounding in my chest, unable to take a... read more

    Yvonne D Avatar
    Yvonne D

    I took my daughter to see Biodun to help her with anxiety attacks and anxiety disorder my daughter has high functioning autism and finds crowded... read more

    Sonya & Holly Avatar
    Sonya & Holly

    This is the second time i have seen Biodun and both times he made me feel very relaxed and he actually cares about your problems... read more

    Tee Avatar
  • Biodun hypnotised me and changed my life forever. Everything I had resigned myself to never having, I now have. He changed my mind set and... read more

    Teresa Cairney Avatar
    Teresa Cairney

    Thank you to Biodun for all your support and encouragement in helping me on this journey, How you managed to change my attitude completely I... read more

    Alex Wee Avatar
    Alex Wee

    A professional and intelliegent approach to problem solving. I highly recommend regardless of what the problem is. I used with the intention of getting rid... read more

    Martha O'Rourke Avatar
    Martha O'Rourke
  • I have suffered severe pain in my neck and back for many years. Having attended various specialists I was told that they could not find... read more

    Cathleen Fay Avatar
    Cathleen Fay

    Biodun really helped my wife and I overcome our fear of public speaking. Just with a few sessions, he guided us through our presentation that... read more

    jason mcintyre Avatar
    jason mcintyre

    I have been experiencing fear of flying and heights which escalated 2-3 years ago. I was referred through word of mouth to try Optimid therapy... read more

    Dilyana Kotova Avatar
    Dilyana Kotova
  • Thank you so much Biodun. I've never been a confident public speaker so when I was told I had to take part in a debate... read more

    Adam Leslie Avatar
    Adam Leslie

    I have suffered severe pain in my neck and back for many years. Having attended various specialists I was told that they could not find... read more

    Cathleen Fay Avatar
    Cathleen Fay

    A brilliant person and a very effective tip for everyone!

    Vesna Nikk Avatar
    Vesna Nikk
  • Biodun Ogunyemi is a master of hypnosis and in a league of his own. I have lost 3 ½ stone through his weight loss... read more

    Yvonne Daly Avatar
    Yvonne Daly

    Exceptional went from 30 cigarettes a day to stopping completely in just a single session and thats now been 6 months. I can honestly say... read more

    Michale Lanham Avatar
    Michale Lanham

    They have a really outstanding hypnotherapy service and i have done work with them several times. They are really friendly and they keep their promises.... read more

    Maryland Stroh Avatar
    Maryland Stroh
  • Biodun helped me recently with a major issue in my life. My life was falling apart and i had lost all confidence in myself and... read more

    Lucas Caimen Avatar
    Lucas Caimen

    Biodun is a very helpful and attentive person who can help with many aspects in your life, even things you may not be aware of.... read more

    Mehak Naheem Avatar
    Mehak Naheem

    Biodun is Excellent at what he does and he makes you feel instantly comfortable and relaxed.I undertook the Slim Quest Programme with Biodun over 2... read more

    Eleanor Rollo Avatar
    Eleanor Rollo
  • I simply wished to mention many thanks pretty much for being thus unbelievably patient, understanding, helpful, lovely, trustworthy and genuinely nice throughout the previous few... read more

    Belen Knez Avatar
    Belen Knez

    I have Asperger's Syndrome and sometimes find it difficult to express myself and I get frustrated. Biodun has helped me to focus better and... read more

    Drew Sky Avatar
    Drew Sky

    Exceptional went from 30 cigarettes a day to stopping completely in just a single session and thats now been 6 months. I can honestly say... read more

    Michale Lanham Avatar
    Michale Lanham

E Rollo

Today, I weigh the same as I did on my Wedding day in 1990. That really is a Goal Achieved!!! Firstly, I could never had imagined that was possible. Biodun’s slim quest program has not just changed my shape and weight for the better, it’s changed my life. As a result, I feel happier, healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident. Moreover, I feel positive in my personal, social and working life. My husband likes the new me too!!!

E Rollo, Glasgow
A Leslie

Thank you so much Biodun. I’ve never been a confident public speaker. When I was told I had to take part in a debate for my course in front of 200 students. I was really uncomfortable. On the other hand, after seeing Biodun I did really well in the debate. Further, I noticed a big difference in my confidence when I’m speaking publicly. Certainly, i will definitely be using the techniques Biodun taught me. I am now much more confident speaking to a large audience. Thanks again!

A Leslie, Glasgow
D Kotova

I have been experiencing fear of flying and heights which escalated 2-3 years ago. Then, I was referred through word of mouth to try Optimid therapy. Firstly, I was quite suspicious towards the outcome. I thought hypnosis does not work. However, it sure does. I am now able to fly long distance. Moreover, even managed to take my flight to the U.S. Optimind helped me fight all this and made me regain my control over my emotions. If I feel weak at any point in the future. I know I could go there and regain the strength. Certainly, over time completely removes all the problems experienced in the past.

I suggest if you have a problem and you are looking for a great hypnotherapy go to Optimind.

D Kotova, Stirling
M Miller

Biodun has opened my mind to an entirely new dimension of thought. The investment is priceless for all those who are searching for a richer more fulfilled life.

M Miller, Dumfries
J Fleming

For the past year and a half, i’ve been taking ill on and off constantly. My needle phobia was so bad. As a result, i would rather suffer than get my blood taken. But, I can now proudly say that today was the day, I took that step, walked into the doctors and got my bloods done! I couldn’t of done it without the help of Biodun Ogunyemi. So, i would highly recommend him to anyone! It might not seem a big deal to many, But, my close friends and family know how big an achievement this is for me.

J Fleming, Glasgow
T Mullen

Biodun hypnotized me and changed my life forever. Everything I had resigned myself to never having, I now have. He changed my mind set. As a result, Now I know what it means to be free and feel truly happy. In short, I could never thank him enough for what he has done for me. Certainly, i highly recommend you give his methods a try. You have nothing to loose but everything to gain. Carpi diem!

T Mullen, Leuchars
Y Daly

The thought of speaking in public or confronting someone always filled me with dread. It left me feeling inadequate and worthless. I wanted to set up my own business but did not have any faith in myself to succeed. So, I decided to have a few therapy sessions with Biodun. Although, I was reluctant at first to open up. But, he quickly put me at ease and enabled me to see that I was a worthwhile person with a lot to offer through my business venture. I found the therapy relaxing. Meanwhile, he taught me simple techniques to help me whenever I felt stressed. As a result, I recently was asked to speak at a European Conference. Although, I had butterflies in my stomach. But, they were of excitement rather than dread. His ability to change how you have felt about yourself is amazing. He made the impossible – possible.

Y Daly, Glasgow
J Mcintyre

Biodun really helped my wife and I overcome our fear of public speaking. Above all, just with a few sessions, he guided us through our presentation that helped us successfully win our pitch for new business. We both would highly recommend Biodun's expertise.

J Mcintyre, Glasgow