Hypnosis Glasgow

Biodun Ogunyemi ANLP, BNLP, SNLP, C.H, Dip Hyp

Hypnosis Glasgow. Biodun Ogunyemi is the founder of Optimind. Furthermore hypnosis Glasgow is one of the leading hypnosis practices within the UK. As well as Glasgow he has practiced on Harley Street in London and is an experienced hypnotist. Additionally he is trained to the highest level in Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP. In addition he is the author of over 180 hypnosis products. Furthermore you can access expert articles to help you with your issue here.

Influenced by the work of Dr Milton Erickson, hence Biodun developed the Optimind Method. A unique approach to therapy. He applies Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, Psychology, Neuro Science, NLP and Mindfulness to achieve extraordinary results so that results can be fast  and lasting.

hypnosis glasgow

Using the Optimind Method, Biodun has successfully helped thousands of clients. In addition Optimind is one of the UK’s most innovative hypnosis practice. Furthermore due to his high success rate Biodun receives private referrals from Doctors. He focuses on the individual needs of each of his clients. He tailors his approach to ensure that he delivers quick, measurable and lasting change. His high success rate and reputation as a leader in the field attracts clients to his Glasgow practice. For this reason his clients come from not only the UK but from all around the world.

What can Hypnosis help you with?

In conclusion, hypnosis Glasgow can help you with a wide range of issues and most importantly we are here to help you.

  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Presentations
  • Exam Nerves
  • Blushing
  • Phobias
  • Insomnia
  • Addictions
  • Compulsions
  • Weight loss
  • Self Esteem issues
  • Gambling
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Pain
  • Motivation
  • Confidence

Firstly this list is not exhaustive and secondly if there is something not on the list then please contact us to discuss so we can advise how we can help. In addition we have a wide range of  products available in our hypnosis store.

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E Rollo

Today, I weigh the same as I did on my Wedding day in 1990, that really is a Goal Achieved!!! At the beginning of this I could never had imagined that was possible. Biodun’s slim quest programme has not just changed my shape and weight for the better, it’s changed my life. I feel happier, healthier, fitter, stronger, more confident and positive in all aspects of my life, including my personal, social and working life. My husband likes the new me too!!!

E Rollo, Glasgow
J Fleming

For the past year and a half i’ve been taking ill on and off constantly, my needle phobia was so bad that i would rather suffer than get my blood taken, i can now proudly say that today was the day i took that step, walked into the doctors and got my bloods done! i couldn’t of done it without the help of Biodun Ogunyemi and i would highly recommend him to anyone! it might not seem a big deal to many, but my close friends and family know how big an achievement this is for me.

J Fleming, Glasgow