Can You Stop Smoking Weed with Hypnosis?

 Stop Smoking Weed

Can you stop smoking weed with hypnosis?  Clearly,  Marijuana is a very addictive drug.  Millions of people are hooked around the world.  For many who want to stop smoking weed, the prospects of quitting it are daunting indeed.  Sadly, too many people either do not take the right steps or use treatments that are not that effective.
This is because weed for some people causes not only a physical dependence but a mental one as well.  Just like smoking cigarettes.  However, smokers can gradually cut down on nicotine. They can use e-cigs to help fight the addiction, however, there are less developed methods to stop smoking weed.

Is hypnosis the answer?

Stop smoking hypnosis treatments have been in use for many years to help people kick the habit.  Studies have looked at the success of hypnosis on the mind to stop smoking weed.

can you stop smoking weed with hypnosisThe answer is that hypnosis can certainly play a major role in helping people quit. However, they may need a robust support system as well.    Just like most addictions, the problem is not resolved in one day, never to return.    A combined approach is more effective.  This rids the body and mind of the addictive properties of marijuana.  Moreover, this will ensure a lasting effect.

How to stop smoking weed. 

Can you stop smoking weed with hypnosis?  The first step in dealing with any addiction is admitting you have a problem.  Alcohol can leave you feeling physically ill and heroin can be destructive.  Whereas weed is more subtle and less obvious.  Weed affects the mind and body in ways that over time can be quite harmful.  However,  it does not have the swift effect of many other addictive drugs.  Therefore, most people may not recognise that they have a problem.

Before hypnosis can help cure the addict, they must first realise there is a problem.  Otherwise, no treatment can help them in terms of trying to recover and gain back their lives. Too many people fool themselves into thinking that they do not have a problem.  Furthermore, they think that it does not control their lives.

It can be a shock to the addict once they admit they have a problem.  Especially when they realise how much of their life the drug has taken. Being dependent on weed means they missed opportunities and enjoyed experiences. For many, however, it is a rather liberating experience.   Once they know that they have overcome their dependency and that there is a life waiting for them to experience.

Stop smoking hypnosis methods

can you stop smoking weed with hypnosisHypnosis can help all types of addictions. It brings the power of the mind into play.  This helps people fight the effects of missing their addiction. This is because there is more than just a physical dependency on weed, there is also a mental one too. The person smoking weed will develop the same physical actions as a cigarette smoker.  This will include how they hold and inhale the joint and any other associated habits.  As the brain will miss these habits, hypnosis will address any withdrawal symptoms.  This can be both physical and mental challenges.
Hypnosis works by sending messages to the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain.  This results in changes to the automatic stimulus that the addictive elements of weed brings.

The Cravings

Hypnosis can address the cravings and feelings of being uneasy.  As well as the anticipation and the feelings of loss when the addiction is no longer present. Basically, hypnosis can help your mind overcome the elements that are causing and carrying the addiction on.   The therapist will search, identify and address the problem through the use of trigger responses.

When the mind reaches a point where the feelings of addiction start to kick in, the hypnosis treatment will react.   This initiates a triggered response of calm or serenity.  In essence, those that undergo the treatment will find themselves feeling something different. This is instead of the normal sensations of withdrawal from the addiction.
In addition, the hypnosis can address some of the physical sensations associated with withdrawal.  This will include nausea and discomfort that they will feel. The addict will overcome their addiction to weed as hypnosis also addresses both the stimulus and unease.

The effectiveness and can you stop smoking weed with hypnosis.

Naturally, the effectiveness of the therapy will depend largely on the willingness of the patient to overcome their addiction. Also, the number of sessions and also have a support group to help them stay on the right path.  Moreover, the hypnosis sessions will help them overcome their deeply held beliefs. These will have had a hold over them to their addiction.
In stop smoking hypnosis sessions, the focus is on overcoming the personal image that addicts have of themselves.  Therefore, hypnosis can help the addict overcome the perception he is a pot smoker.   Hypnosis can be seen as reprogramming the brain.  This is much like a computer being reprogrammed to accept new information and disregard the old.  As a result, old unwanted feelings and urges can be got rid of for good.

To stop smoking weed is not an easy process and not everyone will succeed, at least at first. In fact, proper addiction treatment on how to stop smoking weed will require several sessions.  Also,  reinforcement sessions over a period of time are needed in order to be fully successful.
For those who are willing and want to change, hypnosis can help.  This will be done by having a support system in place.  Perhaps also removing themselves from the environment that created the issue.  All in all, hypnosis will really help the person to stop smoking weed for good..

I hope this article provides the answer to can you stop smoking weed with hypnosis.

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  • Jake Harper

    August 1, 2014

    I believe it’s very possible to quite smoking marijuana with hypnosis. I expect it works similarly to the likes of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, or any other addiction out there. Well, I don’t really consider marijuana as addicting, since I smoked it a lot in the past and I gave it up quite easily, but I suppose some people could be addicted to it. And I bet hypnosis can work.

    • Biodun

      August 1, 2014

      Absolutely it only works !!!

  • Queen B

    August 1, 2014

    Oh yeah it totally works to some extent. I’ve smoked pot a lot in my life and I am not proud of it or anything. I wouldn’t say it’s a harmful drug or anything, but I will say it can really take ones mind off of important tasks. I got into a car accident because of it, thankfully I didn’t hurt anyone, but it was an eye opening experience. I tried hypnosis to get weed off my mind as I constantly wanted it. It’s probably do to my anxiety and needing something to calm me down, pot did that. But it also made me reckless.

  • Will R.

    August 1, 2014

    Hypnosis can literally work for just about everything out there. I wouldn’t say it can’t work on marijuana because I’ve seen people who were addicted to way more harmful drugs completely stop because of using hypnosis. So hypnosis to stop smoking marijuana must work pretty easily.

    • Biodun

      August 1, 2014

      Yes you are right. Check out my blog on alcohol and drug addictions..

      All the best

  • Jessica Oben

    August 1, 2014

    I was hypnotized a few years ago when I was addicted to pain killers, surprisingly the first time I went I was cured, well not right away as a few days later I had cravings, so I got hypnotized until I had no interest in it again. I have a feeling that those who’re addicted to marijuana could get hypnotized to get out of said addiction.

  • Brian Houser

    August 4, 2014

    For me I would rather smoke marijuana, but I know for some people, marijuana can be a serious problem, as they smoke too much and keep needing more and more. For me I smoke on occasions, and I rarely smoke a lot, so if I wanted to quit, I’d simply quit. But when some are severely addicted, yes people can be addicted to pot, they tend to need help to get through it, and hypnosis is a great way.

  • Tess

    August 4, 2014

    My addiction to marijuana isn’t so bad, but I do often smoke a little too much so I might give hypnosis a serious shot. I mean, I could afford to save some money from buying weed all the time and use it for medical expenses, school and so on.

  • Quinton Fields

    August 4, 2014

    I have heard hypnosis works brilliantly against other addictions, but I had no idea there was a chance that marijuana was addicting. Then again I am wrong often so I guess it’s true. Anyways I know someone who smokes a lot and could use a break from it. I’ll link him to this.

  • Samantha H.

    August 4, 2014

    I never knew that hypnosis was even a real thing. I was always skeptical and I never believed in it. Much like I don’t believe in mediums/psychics, I view hypnosis in the same level. But I may have some learning to do, because I watched some videos just now and I am starting to believe it’s a real thing.

  • Maggie Loeb

    August 4, 2014

    I have always wondered what hypnosis can deliver to me. I have tried it myself by using online hypnosis videos, but they never seemed to work. I have a feeling an actual therapist who works in hypnosis could help me out better. I am addicted to marijuana and it isn’t a burden as in smoking, but more of a burden on my financial future as I have barely anymore money during my paychecks, and I need to stop it.

  • Riley

    August 5, 2014

    I really do wonder if hypnosis can actually help one get over an addiction. I’ve never seen such a thing help, but then again, I’ve never seen hypnosis in action so I can’t judge it just yet. Maybe I’ll ask my brother-in-law if he’d like to go to a hypnotherapist to get over his addictions to marijuana and other such drugs, could be a good thing to do I suppose.

  • Janice M.

    August 5, 2014

    I sure hope hypnosis can work for those addicted to marijuana or anything else out there. I was once addicted to drugs and I really wish I knew of hypnosis back in the day. Back then I thought it was some fairy tail and never believed it, but I do have questions and thoughts on it these days. Wish I tried it at least once.

  • Tyler1982

    August 5, 2014

    Another great article by Biodun. I have had hypnosis done to me because of this site and I’m doing so much better because of it. I used to eat a lot and not workout and I read your many thought provoking articles and I decided I’d see a hypnotherapist and see what he could do to help me and so far I’m losing weight. Anyways I just wanted to say that I’m thankful and that hypnosis really works, you just need to let your mind go with the flow.

  • MissUma

    August 5, 2014

    Hypnotherapy is the way to go if anyone wants to change their minds a bit. I did it sometime ago to help me get over my addictions and problems and low and behold I don’t have said problems. I have gone back to my addictions in the past, but I always use hypnosis to get out of said addictions again. So, hypnosis can totally work towards marijuana addiction.

  • Ethan

    August 5, 2014

    For those people out there saying that marijuana is not addicting, think again. I was one of those people, but I often smoked a lot myself. I always felt I could quit anytime and I usually did, but I’d always fall back on it. Hypnosis was the only thing that got me out of this addiction. I know some people could literally quit any day, but for me, no. I had to find a way to quit and thankfully I found it through hypnosis.

  • Genna Nolt

    August 5, 2014

    Oh wow, I had no idea marijuana was so addicting. I have smoked it myself a lot in the past, but I never really thought too much of it as an addiction. I stopped smoking because I had a chance for a job, which I got. I haven’t smoked since either. But it is cool to hear that hypnosis actually works. I might give it a try for some of my other problems in life. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Carl L.

    August 6, 2014

    I actually stopped smoking recently after trying hypnosis with my doctor. I have smoked my whole life and it has really tore apart my earnings from work and I hate to see any money lost to pot rather than to some important medical bills or whatever else that needs paying. Anyways, thanks for bringing this to the attention of many who may need help. We all appreciate what you’re doing here.

  • AngelaBoyd

    August 6, 2014

    Biodun your blog is wonderful and everything you do is just fantastic and nice. I want to say thanks because I’ve learned a lot about hypnosis because of you and I appreciate everything. Hypnosis worked for me, and it should work for a lot of people, you just need to give it a real shot.

  • Jeremy Cass

    August 6, 2014

    Hypnosis is something I want to give a whirl at. I never tried it before as I was a bit skeptical, but after reading this blog, the comments and frequenting other sites, I’ll say I’m not as skeptical. The human mind can be changed with some tricks I bet, so I’m going to give it a real shot and see where it brings me.

  • Bridgette

    August 6, 2014

    I believe hypnosis is the answer to many problems like addiction. For me I was able to curb my addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs by simply using hypnosis. It works wonders to be honest. I may not be completely cured, but I am doing less and less of the harmful things these days, so it does have an effect on people to some extent.

  • Damon Wiley

    August 6, 2014

    My knowledge of hypnosis is limited. All I know about it is that it seems to be working for people, which is good. I remember watching some show where this guy would hypnotize guests for fun, I never believed in it until now. I think I’m going to see if there are any hypnotherapists in the area where I can actually get over some past events in my life, nothing serious, just annoying mostly.

  • Phoebe

    September 27, 2014

    This is an interesting perspective on both issues, Biodun. Would you mind if I reference this in a lecture (with proper attribution, of course)?

  • Trevor

    September 29, 2014

    Conversely, could smoking weed be a good precursor to hypnosis. I have trouble being hypnotized, so perhaps this could help me be relaxed enough to take suggestions.