Eye colour change with hypnosis

Eye Colour Change with hypnosis

“The eyes are the windows to your soul.”


Eye colour change with hypnosis, is it possible? One of the most popular and yet unusual requests to the hypnotherapist is whether hypnosis can change the eye colour. For many of us, we see eye colour as something we are born with and accept without question. There are lots of people who like to change their eye colour because they are genuinely unhappy with it. Or, are curious about how they would look with a different colour. Would changing the colour of their eyes somehow change their outlook on life? Ther personality? Or maybe even to see whether others would treat them differently.

eye colour changeSo how is your eye colour determined?

Is it simple genetics? Do you automatically inherit the same colour as your parents? It is not as simple as that. The two main factors that determine your eye colour are the pigment, and the amount of melanin in your iris and how it displays light as it passes through your eye. The pigment is determined by your genes.

Scientists believe that there are as many as 16 different genes that could factor in determining eye colour. The two main genes that scientists believe to be responsible are HERC2 and OCA2. They are part of one of the 26 chromosomes which form our being. Alleles are what make up a gene and it is these that determine which traits you inherit. You receive one allele from each parent, and they can be dominant or recessive. If both alleles are different then it is the dominant one which is inherited. In the case of eye colour, green is dominant over blue and brown is dominant over both of these colours. So someone could be born with a different eye colour from their parents and grandparents. This depends on what genes are passed down and with what combination of alleles.

Nowadays, people are more likely to have relationships with people of other cultures and from different continents. For this reason brown is becoming more prominent and blue is gradually fading out.

Eye Colour

Most babies are born with blue eyes as melanin does not start producing until after birth and it can be as long as three years before the permanent colour establishes. Eye colour can appear to change depending on the light and this is because our irises have two layers, with one layer having little or no melanin present.

eye colour changeSo how can hypnosis influence eye colour?

The amount of light passing through the iris can affect its colour. The unconscious mind deals with all the parts of our being we are not consciously aware of or have conscious control over. An example of this is lifting a cup and bringing it to your mouth. Now you don’t consciously work out the mechanics of how your muscles will perform this task or what your mouth will need to do when it reaches your lips. It is unconscious, automatic behaviour. The same goes for your breathing, you don’t need to be aware of how you do it as your unconscious mind takes care of it.

So imagine you could use your unconscious mind to influence the pigment in your eye and the amount of light that passes through it. Your mind is a powerful tool and if you set your intention then anything is possible. ‘Where attention goes, energy flows’ – James Redfield. Eye colour change is achievable if firstly you are realistic about the colour you want. If you want red or yellow your unconscious is aware that this is not possible so, therefore, it is unlikely to work. However, wanting a different shade either deeper or lighter than your usual colour or changing to one of the three main colour types, blue, green or brown with all the variations in between is much more attainable.

eye colour changeHow to achieve colour change through hypnosis?

Normally, you can achieve the eye colour change either on a one on one basis with a hypnotherapist who is familiar with the process or by purchasing an audio programme which takes you through the process step by step.

Other methods of eye colour change involve laser treatment and there are considerations to take into account when pursuing this route. Firstly the high cost as to hypnosis and secondly the risks.

Hypnosis is a natural method to influence eye colour change, no drugs, after effect or other invasive surgery. It is completely safe.

As the saying goes – “The eyes are the windows to your soul”. So what colour do you want your windows to be?

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  • hesana fathima

    August 7, 2017

    i wan t to change my eye colour to blue plz help me to change the colour of my eyes

  • Imad uddin

    February 6, 2018

    I want to change my eye colour to dark brown so how i change my eye colour to dark brown please send me the method i would be ever thankful to you