How to cure insomnia naturally and effectively: hypnosis

How To Cure Insomnia Naturally And Effectively: Hypnosis

How to cure insomnia naturallyInsomnia is basically a sleep disorder that leaves a person incapable of sleeping, staying asleep or getting a sound sleep. Everyone is affected differently with some people struggling to get a good night’s sleep every night to others who periodically have bouts of sleeplessness. Long term insomnia can pose a real health risk if left unaddressed and should be treated accordingly. Therefore, we need to know how to cure insomnia naturally and effectively without medical intervention. Before that we need to understand why insomnia is such a threat if ignored – or are some people simply destined to be eternal bad sleepers?

Why Is Insomnia A Threat?

Sleep is not a luxury but very much an essential need of the human body. The six to eight hours of sleepHow to cure insomnia naturally most people require is the time when the body recovers itself from all the damage that has been caused by general wear and tear and demands of life. When you do not get proper sleep, you are left irritable, cranky, angry and less efficient on all levels. Concentration is affected impacting on daily activities, fine and gross motor skills don’t work as well as they should and you can become a danger to yourself and others if it goes unheeded.
Consistent lack of sleep has been linked to many heart and cardiovascular diseases in recent times as the body is unable to repair itself and refresh the mind. Quality of life is affected, relationships can become strained and the body’s immune system becomes compromised. It is natural and to be expected that most people will struggle to sleep some nights if something is either worrying them, excites them or an outside influence disturbs their sleep. However, it is the persistent non sleeper that is heading for trouble so it is no wonder then that everyone wants to know how to cure insomnia naturally.

Traditional Treatments

How to cure insomnia naturally

How to cure insomnia naturally

For a long time insomnia has been dealt with prescription drugs and other such allopathic medicines. In simple words they are the mainstream sleeping pills that make you fall asleep primarily because you have been drugged. There are not one but several reasons why this approach is wrong for your sleep disorder and your overall health. All such drugs cause dependency, which means you will find it more and more difficult to enjoy a natural sleep without them. They have physiological side effects which can cause long term damage to your body and mind. Most of all they do not treat the problem and only target the symptoms. The sleep you get is basically drug induced and not the same as falling asleep naturally. As your body becomes more dependent on them you begin to need more, which is why many GP’s restrict the prescription to only a week or two’s worth. Depending on the dosage, you may only get 3 or 4 hours’ worth of sleep then wake up with a jolt – wide awake and unable to get back to sleep leaving you feel just as anxious and fretful as before. Once you stop taking the medication, the problem can be worse than ever therefore, it is imperative that we look into how to cure insomnia naturally without having to suffer all the side effects.

Natural Treatments That Really Work

How to cure insomnia naturally

How to cure insomnia naturally

Hypnosis has come out as a very effective method to cure insomnia and several studies and experiments carried out in the last ten years support this theory. Hypnosis does not rely on physical symptoms alone and targets the psychological behaviour of the person to stimulate relaxation and calmness. Once the restlessness has been contained through continuous sessions, it becomes easier for an individual to fall asleep and enjoy a more stable life in general.
Most trained hypnotherapists use several techniques to help you reach the pre amnesiac state, after which your psychological self learns to relax and slip into a deep sleep at will. It addresses any issues troubling you which may be the root cause of your sleeplessness, perhaps on a conscious level you are not even aware of. Hypnosis is completely safe with no side effects and can only benefit you. In fact, most people report a good night’s sleep after a session with a hypnotherapist for other reasons as the mind is calmed and in control.
‘How blessed are some people whose lives have no fears, no dreads; to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly and brings nothing but sweet dreams.’ Bram Stoker

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