Learn hypnosis in this series  of absolutely mind blowing hypnotic inductions and rapid induction hypnosis.

What would this mean to your practice if you can achieve a somnambulistic trance in a matter of seconds?

What if you have no prior experience and you could learn to hypnotise people from the very first hour?

This training will provide you with invaluable tools and is an amazing skill to have as part of your overall skill set.

Course Content

  • Safety considerations
  • Selecting the right subject
  • Suggestibility testing
  • Preparing the subject for instant trance
  • Hand Drop induction
  • Arm Pull Induction
  • Hand shake Induction
  • Finger Snap Induction
  • Eye lock Induction
  • Hand stare Induction
  • Ambiguous Touch Induction
  • Deepeners
  • Fractionation
  • Failure to Emerge
  • Instant induction theory. How to invent your own induction
  • Do inductions confidently without hypnosis scripts.
  • How to use instant inductions in your professional Practice.

This training course is great for beginners or the experienced hypnotherapist who wants to add rapid and instant inductions to their toolbox.  The training format is designed to allow plenty of practice to master these inductions. After this course you will be able to use this new skill to hypnotise almost anyone instantly with confidence  and create your own your own inductions.

Why Train With Us?

Biodun Ogunyemi is a Licensed Hypnotic Master with The Society Of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler. He will be presenting rapid hypnotic inductions such as the one in the video and is known for powerful live demonstrations.

During this training  Biodun Ogunyemi will deliver No Holds Barred  mind blowing hypnosis training – plain and simple!


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