Irritable bowel syndrome | Is it possible for hypnosis to cure?

Irritable bowel Syndrome?

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome. (IBS) Hypnosis has been known to cure several issues. Like anxiety, addictions, phobias and panic attacks etc. Recently, it has been tested against a series of disorders. One of these is IBS. Those who have IBS know that it is not pleasant. In addition, it can be painful. People who suffer from IBS complain that very few things calm the pain down.

Research shows that hypnosis is effective in treating IBS. However, before we learn about any success.  Firstly you must be aware of the symptoms.

What is Irritable bowel syndrome and what are the symptoms?

IBS is a disorder of the intestines, to be precise, the gastrointestinal tract.

irritable bowel syndrome

irritable bowel syndrome

IBS occurs in people who are sensitive to certain foods. As well as people who are under a lot of stress. Also, it occurs in people who suffer from celiac disease.

There are cases of people who have IBS after having an intestinal infection. Likewise, If they have abnormal serotonin levels. The symptoms of IBS are generally digestive.

This may include diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, cramping and abdominal pain. Also there constant urgent need to have a bowel movement. These symptoms may be mild. On the other hand, they may be so severe that people struggle to function normally.

How does hypnosis help irritable bowel syndrome treatment?

irritable bowel syndromeThe American Medical Association  (AMA) recognises hypnosis as a viable method of treating IBS. Hypnosis communicates with the unconscious mind. It can change your perception and influence healing.

During the hypnosis, you will be in a very relaxed calm state. You will still be aware of sounds etc.

Is there evidence that hypnosis works for IBS patients?

Many people have used hypnosis for IBS. In addition, the success rate is high. They no longer have any symptoms. states that there has been a lot of research on IBS. Researchers spent over 15 years reviewing the success of hypnosis. They found that hypnosis was very effective.  It also enables the body to function in a more natural way.

In a recent study.  Hypnosis was used to treat 200 people with IBS.  In conclusion, 71% showed a large improvement. These patients also had higher energy levels, mood levels, and an overall increase in the quality of their life.

How to choose who can help

irritable bowel syndrome

irritable bowel syndrome

 Here are some tips on how to choose someone that can help you.
Fisrtly, find a therapist that has experience working with IBS.  Secondly, they should be registered with a professional body.

Choose someone that has had formal training. Practising therapists have to do at least 50 hours of practical work. They also have to keep relevant by attending continuous professional development meetings each year. 

Remember, the only person who can truly help you is someone who understands what they’re treating!

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