Time for weight loss…All Chocolated Out?

Time For Weight Loss Again?

Is it that time again to start considering your weight loss goals yet again?

Perhaps year after year you set the same weight loss goals only to be disappointed.

In the not so distant past when I was a child, my siblings and I would get excited on 1st December when we received an Advent calendar which we took in turns to open a window every day. Behind each window would be a picture of a scene with a Christmas theme. We would pass it around to look at and always argued who got to open the biggest window on Christmas Eve. Can you imagine handing a child today an advent calendar with just pictures behind the windows? Nowadays advent calendars are filled with chocolates to be eaten every day with each child given their own individual calendar. This gears them up to Christmas Day when there will be an abundance of chocolates from tubs to selection boxes, candy canes to chocolate shaped snowmen.

weight lossThe shops for the 2 months leading up to Christmas are brimming with chocolates and boxes of biscuits and cakes piled high in the aisles of every supermarket in the land. Even shops who do not traditionally sell sweets fill their shelves with edible festive goodies. Adults not only have the same overwhelming choice of sweet treats but also of the many alcoholic drinks often available to buy in bulk and on special offer.
On the big day itself, families sit down to an enormous amount of food piled high onto their plates. Afterwards, though they have overeaten and groaning, they will still manage to eat one of the many boxes of chocolates lying around while the children delve into their chocolate treats too.
Now I am sure we have all done it – eaten that one type of chocolate in the tub that we don’t even like – maybe it’s the coffee cream or the toffee or fudge as we have been brought up not to waste food. So ask yourself this one question – when you are feeling overweight and bursting out your clothes and vowing yet again to go on another diet – was it really worth getting fat with something you don’t even like in the first place?
weight loss glasgowAs happens every year, people all over the land of all shapes and sizes will vow that they will change their shape or reduce their weight in the New Year. They start thinking about their weight loss goals or plan to join a gym or a slimming club or buy a weight loss supplement or replacement meals. However, these good intentions are short lived. Diet equals deprivation and because you are aware of this, more often than not you sabotage your plans over and over again. Diet starts on the Monday and you and all your dieting colleagues talk incessantly about food. By Wednesday the temptation is too much as by now you are salivating and obsessing at all that lovely, tasty food and drink that is constantly on your mind so you have a blowout vowing to start again, not the next day but the next Monday. What is the point? Your body begins to go into energy saving mode, storing the fat for your next time of ‘famine’ (diet mode) and you end up heavier and more miserable than before.

Achieving your weight loss goals

weight loss So why not start off this New Year with hypnotherapy as a viable and successful long term aid to achieving your weight loss goals and, more importantly, keeping it off. Hypnosis deals with the unconscious mind, addressing those thoughts of sabotage or limiting self-belief that you have always failed before and therefore expect to again. It can change your mind set because, after all – you know how to get rid of weight, but part of you maybe enjoys the comfort eating brings, or perhaps you eat when you are bored or stressed. Hypnosis addresses these emotions connected to eating and once you understand this at the deepest level your weight will reduce and you will find you have a different relationship with food. As it helps you to become more congruent with your goal, you may not even notice at first the subtle changes you naturally make. For example, you may get home from shopping and realise that it didn’t cross your mind to go down the biscuit aisle at the store or that you took the stairs to your office instead of using the lift.
So why not start off the New Year by NOT going on a diet, especially if you know before you even start that you fail miserable every year and at the end of each year you are heavier than the last.
Contact us if you want to have control over your weight and achieve your weight loss goals once and for all or download my Slim Quest System audio tapes which you can listen to in the comfort of your own home.

This time next year won’t you wish you had started today?

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