Let go of anxiety with hypnosis

Let go of Anxiety with Hypnosis

Let go of anxiety with Hypnosis. Anxiety makes people hostages of their own minds. It makes them lead lives full of fear not knowing when the next attack might occur. There is no justification as to why someone should continue tolerating anxiety. Especially when it is possible to get rid of it completely and gain control of your life by using hypnosis.
The benefit of hypnotherapy for anxiety is it doesn’t require you to spend thousands of pounds to make it work. You only need to believe and have the commitment and give it a chance to work for you. Below are the steps you can use to get rid of anxiety using self-hypnosis.

Find a comfortable place

let go of anxiety with hypnosisLet go of Anxiety with Hypnosis. Physical comfort is essential for the success of any technique that involves the mind. While trying to cure anxiety using hypnosis, look for a comfortable place and be as comfortable as possible. Ideally, lie on the floor and place your arms beside you with head rested on a comfortable pillow. You can alternatively sit upright on a chair with your arms resting on your laps. Once comfortable, begin to relax every part of your body; your head being the first and moving down to your toes. But as you strive to relax throughout your whole body, it can be tempting to drift into slumberland. You must remain conscious and avoid all attempts to fall asleep. This is when you will get effective results.

Begin the journey

Before you embark on the journey to let go of anxiety with hypnosis. it’s imperative to understand that the aim of the whole exercise is to create an experience that will bring deep calm into your body. In addition, develop the ability to get that feeling with a simple trigger. So, whenever you experience an anxiety attack, you just need to establish a connection with a pleasant experience. Using it to replace anxiety in your brain and in your thought processes.
Begin the hypnosis by visualising yourself in the most relaxing place you’ve ever been to. This can be a pleasant place or it can be a place where you still have nice memories about. If you can’t figure out a physical place you’ve been to, visualise yourself as being in some of the calmest places you have ever dreamt of. It can be a beach or a nice holiday resort, a walk in the park during summer etc. The essence of this visualisation is to create perfect conditions in your mind. This will enable your body to completely feel at ease.

Let go of anxiety with hypnosis as you descend into deep relaxation

Let go of anxiety with hypnosis Once you have visualised your perfect place of deep relaxation and calmness. You can now experience every moment of it. Let’s say for example you picked a peaceful garden. Form a very clear picture of the garden and imagine that it has some steps leading you to your favourite spot where you will get total relaxation.

With a clear image in your mind, imagine that you are walking down the steps. As you take each step, you keep telling yourself that you are getting more relaxed. Remember, hypnotherapy for anxiety works better when your body and mind achieve the peace and tranquillity you are trying to create.

Create a trigger

Now that you have walked down the stairs right to your perfect spot of relaxation in your imaginary garden. Take time to enjoy the peace and tranquillity in that place. Imagine yourself breathing in and out while getting more relaxed. Feel the deep sense of relaxation that exists in that place and tell yourself affirming words. Such as “I am in total control of my life and anxiety is no longer a problem”. In order to create a trigger so that you can always travel back to your world of perfect peace and relaxation whenever you experience an anxiety attack, pinch your thumb and feel the pain.

Once you do this, repeat the affirming words again. This will create a trigger so that whenever you feel anxious, you simply pinch your thumb and your mind will race to your garden of relaxation. You will remember the affirmation and replace anxiety with peace and calmness.

Let go of anxiety with hypnosis.

Let go of anxiety with hypnosis When ready, it’s time to come back to reality. Just as you visualised yourself walking down the steps, visualise yourself walking up the steps back to where you came from. In doing so, have in mind that you have unlimited access to this garden and you can always go back whenever you wish. If you do this as explained, you will be able to get rid of anxiety and in case of any attacks, simply pinch your thumb and you will be back to your garden where perfect peace abides.
You have to realise that it will take time, effort and dedication to effectively get good results while practising self-hypnosis for anxiety. But most importantly you must believe in the ability of this method to work for you. It has worked for many people and many still use it even today so there is no practical reason why you should be an exemption.

I wish you the best in your quest to let go of anxiety with hypnosis. Should the condition persist please contact me using the contact form below


  • Karen Milligan

    September 2, 2014

    I went to a hypnotist for weight loss and during the process he asked me what was stopping me losing weight. When I told him I ate for comfort when I felt anxious or stressed he worked on that using a similar technique to this one and I couldn’t believe how great I felt when I left his practice. I thought perhaps it was just because I felt relaxed straight after the hypnosis but the feeling lasted and I no longer felt anxious and panicky. Any time I feel my anxiety rise I just do these simple relaxation exercises. Mine is always drifting in a boat on a clear, sunny day. It’s amazing how quickly I feel better. Hypnosis can help address so many problems thanks to the dedication of hypnotherapists like you Mr Ogunyemi so thank you.

  • Mark Collins

    September 3, 2014

    My mother suffered panic attacks for years and was permanently on antidepressants. They helped initially but she relied on them so much she would panic if she ran out or was late taking them. We never went on holiday or visited relatives often as she would become anxious, scared something would happen. It blighted all our lives and it wasn’t until I set a date to be married that she realised she would need to get help as she wanted to enjoy the day as she knew it would mean so much to me to have her there. A friend suggested hypnosis and although she was reluctant at first to go she made the effort. The hypnotist was great and immediately put her at ease. She saw her about half a dozen times and you could see her confidence grow and her anxiety levels drop after each visit. After the 4th visit she felt strong enough to wean herself off the medication. It was the best feeling ever to see her enjoy my wedding so much. Since then she has found herself a part time job, helps out at her local Church and babysits our 2 children. Best of all, she even comes on holiday with us and at last I feel our family is complete. Hypnosis overcomes the problem – medication only masked it. I’ve since used it to give up smoking successfully and my wife used it to lose weight. It’s the cheapest and most effective way to get real, permanent help and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • milksheikh

    September 17, 2014

    I have problems with anxiety and this will surely help me with my anxiety problems. Thank you!

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    I have never tried using hypnosis to let go of anxiety. Thanks for the great suggestion, I will try my best to get rid of my anxiety using hypnosis!

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    Being relaxed is a main key in letting go of your anxiety, Thanks!

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