Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Why?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

  • Boobs too small? No problem – get a boob job.
  • Lips too thin? No problem – Get lip fillers.
  • Too many wrinkles? No problem – get some botox.
  • Unhappy with your overplucked eyebrows? No problem – get them permanently tattooed on.
  • Morbidly obese? No problem – get a gastric band fitted.

gastric band hypnotherapyGastric Band Hypnotherapy? In this image conscious age we live in people want a ‘quick fix’ to correct any flaws they have. However, every procedure has its risks. Over plumped lips which look unnatural as well as painful, botox that has slipped down the face and left the person with an uneven appearance or even permanent paralysis, uneven breasts which may become lumpy. Thick tattooed eyebrows that begin to look ridiculous as the person gets older and their skin tone changes. And gastric band surgery? Well there are many risk factors to be taken into account with this kind of invasive surgical procedure.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy or Surgery

Why is gastric band surgery becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional diet programmes? In the period from 2006 to 2012 (latest statistics available) the NHS carried out a variety of gastric band surgeries and the figures increased by a staggering 530%. The NHS are only fire fighting trying to keep this obesity epidemic at bay as the alternative to not doing anything is costing the NHS £billions on obesity related health problems. Diabetes which will soon become an epidemic in its own right, coronary diseases caused by the strain of being overweight, hypertension which has to be controlled by medication to thwart potential strokes, breathing problems caused by the fat crushing internal organs. All this not to mention the impact this has on the mental health of the obese person as they struggle to manage in everyday situations.

gastric band hypnotherapyLatest statistics available show that 67% of men and 57% of women are in the overweight or obese category and this is growing steadily. Social media is filled with unrealistic skinny models, clothes designed to look good on only stick thin people and yet – these same magazines and tv programmes and advertisements are also encouraging you to eat more and drink more. There are fast food shops in every street encouraging you to ‘go large with your fries’. The supermarkets are open 24/7 filled with tempting yet unnourishing ready meals and encourage you to buy more by offering 2 for 1 deals. Food is in such abundance in the Western World and we have become addicted to eating, we crave food not to refuel our bodies but to give it a ‘treat’. Instead of putting the excessive food we have on our plate IN the waste, we put it ON our waist!

No wonder then that with this onslaught of false imagery and temptation to continuously overeat that we are living in a society with ever expanding waistlines. But wait – social media and those same supermarkets are also offering you a solution once you have overeaten and are now an unhealthy size – you can buy their diet products! Diet meals, diet drinks, diet shakes, diet snacks, diet meals delivered straight to your door, the list is endless and yet – we are still becoming increasingly bigger and suffering from all the health problems and low self-esteem and self-loathing issues that go with it. How can this be? Well the reason is that most diets are unsustainable long term. Yes, they can teach you how to control your portion size and be more aware of what is good and bad for your body but most diets rely on you depriving yourself of what you like best and sooner or later you cave in and go back to your old eating habits. The whole model is based on return business – if these programmes truly worked then the problem would be permanently resolved. Most dieters jump from one diet to another blaming the diet itself for failing and will say things like ‘I was really bad today’ or ‘I had too many ‘sins’ today’ or ‘I really, really want that but I’m not allowed’. They have lots of negative feelings attached to the diet and are more likely to give up as they see it as a never ending struggle and all the time the pounds add on after every failed attempt.

An increasingly alternative solution to the many diet programmes available is the variety of gastric band surgeries now available either through a referral from your concerned GP as your health is at risk or by going private. However, surgery of any kind comes with risks. The very reason for the surgery is normally because the person is morbidly obese and the weight has become life threatening and co existing illnesses have emerged such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases and breathing problems. Because of society’s obsession with the perfect self-image, more and more people are opting for this surgery and many, unwilling to put their names onto a long waiting list are willing to go into debt to pay for what they see as a quick fix. However, this surgery is not always the answer either as the person’s mindset is not changed from within. Initially the weight will fall off them as they physically cannot consume the same calories or types of foods as before but they may still crave the same foods and still make unhealthy choices. This can result in them losing lots of weight initially but eventually they will find ways to devour the same foods and make the same bad choices as before.

Gastric Band Hypnosis as a safe option

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy as a safer, more affordable alternative

gastric band hypnotherapyA much safer, less expensive way to get rid of the excess weight and achieve the figure you always wanted is to use the services of a qualified hypnotherapist who is trained in Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. Over 4 or 5 sessions he or she will help you get to the root cause of your overeating thus allowing you to understand why you overeat in the first place and help to get rid of any negative emotions holding you back. The therapist will reprogramme your unconscious mind  to  create the desire for you to eat more healthily and make the right choices that are important to you in helping you achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

During hypnosis The hypnotist will help you to feel completely relaxed then he will guide you through the ‘surgery’ from being wheeled down the corridor on a trolley, to going under the anaesthetic, to waking up with a newly fitted gastric band. Although your conscious self understands that you haven’t really had an operation as hypnosis makes you 200 times more aware of what’s going on, your subconscious does not, so,  just like during a dream when you really do believe you are flying through the air or jumping over a cliff your subconscious is creates the sense of belief that the surgery has taken place. As a result it will want to protect this new body and is careful to want to make sure it puts the right amount of nourishing fuel into your body. The therapist will normally invite you back for a follow up visit a few weeks later to monitor your progress and ‘adjust’ the virtual band as necessary just like in a real procedure.

Benefits of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy vs  Surgery

So what are the benefits of choosing Hypnosis over Surgery? Safer. There is no invasive surgery. No risks using anaesthetics . No unsightly scarring. No physical discomfort or mental anguish.

Less expensive. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is roughly 15 times cheaper than paying for private surgery (unless you decide to go abroad which in itself has its own risks as they are not always properly regulated and no follow up treatment is offered should anything go wrong). You can go straight back to work as there is no recovery time.

gastric band hypnotherapy You are less likely to have a relapse and go back to your old ways as the therapist has dealt with the underlying reasons you overeat in the first place. He/she will have addressed the cravings you have and looked at the psychological reasons as to the causes of your overeating. Ie stress, boredom, habit, self sabotage. You don’t need to wait until you are morbidly obese and suffering from co-existing problems as you can address the issue sooner when you are overweight as opposed to waiting till you are classed as clinically obese.

Diet programmes only teach you to control portion size and surgery is risky. Whereas, hypnosis will always look at the underlying causes as to why you overeat which makes it more successful in helping you make lifelong changes that you can naturally maintain. Hypnosis helps you maintain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. When the therapist helps you to align both of these, you will then be on your way to obtaining that body image you always desired.

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  • Jenny Carr

    February 18, 2015

    Wow! This article has certainly given me ‘food for thought’. I’ve been saving up for 2 years for a gastric band as I don’t qualify for one through the NHS as I’m not obese enough – yet. I have absolutely no will power and worry I end up as big as my mother who has loads of health problems including diabetes and breathing problems. My boyfriend and I want to start a family in the next couple of years but I don’t want to while I am this size. I tried hypnosis for public speaking before and it was very successful but to be truthful, hadn’t even considered hypnosis gastric band. I am going to phone round a couple of hypnotherapists tomorrow as I have more than enough already saved in the bank (with lots left to buy new clothes afterwards, lol). I just wish I lived near enough to you Biodun as the work you do sounds awesome. Thank you for the information.